Design 1. Golden fringe and laces

This dress may be used both for Latin and smooth dances. Sexy and flirty, very dynamic because of the long fringe – it is bound to get you into the spotlight! One can easily imagine this dress worn for a foxtrot showcase as well as for the passionate and expressive cha-cha.

Design 2. Peacock inspired design

It’s bright, it’s colorful and it’s bold – all you need to make a dashing entrance! For those who are looking to accentuate your beautiful back – this is a perfect outfit. Many many beaded elements and large sew in rhinestones will make this dress look exotic and very Ar-deco like!

Design 3. White and gold and beaded fringe

Elegant and glamorous with a soft retro-touch. Soft drapes, light golden rhinestones and beaded fringe tassels to accent the dress dynamics. It’s soft and classy and sophisticated – a sheer elegance!.

Design 4. Ostrich feathers and lace

Oh, we know that feathered skirts are such a pain when it comes to cleaning and taking care of them. But aren’t they just irresistible? Nothing gives a dress an instant rich look more than a dress trimmed with ostrich feathers. Another Great Gatsby inspired design featuring a skirt decorated with feather boa tassels, trimmed with stretchy lace and soft dance crepe. And of course the rhinestones – we definitely need them here to complete the look!

Design 5. Fuchsia lace and fringe Latin

An elegant yet dynamic combination that is bound to attract attention on the dance floor! Long Latin dress trimmed with silky fringe and decorated with a mix of fuchsia and crystal rhinestones. The front of the dress is quite closed so the more revealing the back cut is the better. Add a matching headpiece and some bold bracelets to go – and get ready to impress the judges!