Terms of Payment:

For all gowns we require a 50% pre payment deposit. Balance is due before goods are shipped. For urgent orders we take 25% extra price. We accept online payments via Paypal, direct wire transfers as well as transfers via Western Union.

Please note that in some countries you will be liable for additional customs charges upon the dress delivery – please make sure to learn your customs rules and policies to know how much you will be paying.

Delivery Terms.

All gowns are sent via a courrier delivery which offers online tracking. It usually takes from 3-10 days to have the dress delivered, so please consider this while ordering.


If small alterations are needed and can be repaired locally by a tailor, I’d appreciate if you could fix them locally. For significant alterations you can mail the dress back and we will do the repairs. You will have to pay one way shipment for the dress and we will mail it back at our own expense.


Unfortunately we do not offer returns or refunds for our custom-made dresses. Therefore, please be very careful when making the measurements and choosing the colors in order to avoid problems with fittings later.

We will make every possible effort to make sure you don’t make any mistakes, by double checking your measurements, sending you the fabric pictures as well as the final picture of the dress before sending it over to you, so such unfortunate event is unlikely to happen.