How to order

Ordering a costume from our studio is very easy. I’ve broken it down into several steps which are listed below:

1. Custom Design

Order a custom design. Email me detailed information about yourself and the dress you’re after. Check this custom design page first to see what information I would need when working on the sketch.

Specify the time by which you need the dress ready.

It is always better to contact us at least 2-3 months in advance, so we could adjust our schedule

2. Prepayment and Measurements

Once you’re happy with the sketch and the quote you send me the money so I could buy fabrics and start working. You also measure yourself and send me the sizes. Please be very careful when taking the measurements, as we do not accept exchange or returns for custom-made dresses. It is recommended that you take your measurements by a local professional tailor, whenever possible. At any case we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to take sizes correctly.

3. Dress making process

While making the dress I will keep emailing you with sketches and pictures, so you will be aware of the dress progress. When the dress is finished – I will send you its final picture so you could make last adjustments. Then we send the dress to you. The delivery takes from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on your location and delivery service chosen.

Final notes

In case you discovered some flaws in the dress after you received it – please contact me. If these are just small alterations that could be fixed by a local tailor, I’d appreciate if you could fix them locally. If major alterations are needed (the skirt is too short and needs replacement) – you can mail the dress back to us and we will make the changes. In such case, you pay one way delivery to us, and I will mail it back at our expense.